Three J’s Construction Avery L. Buril Theft by Owner of Company Without Beginning Working San Antonio Texas!!. In March 2019 I begun discussing home renovations with Three J’s Construction via Avery Buril. After severally discussions regarding my needs and price a contract was finally agreed upon. On April 7th, Three J’s and I signed a contract for the replacement of all the siding on the front and right side of my home plus new paint. At this time, I gave Avery Buril a cashier check for $500.00. The contract specified the project, initial payment and remaining balance. Since the initial payment on April 7th no work has been initiated by the owner or his company. The owner of the company has since provided a string of excuses for not being able to work on the scheduled days and eluding my phone calls and text messages when made. On April 29 I text messaged Avery and informed him I no longer trust him or his company and would like a full refund or I

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