A review is only as credible as the person writing it. | my name is jp ramirez, im the founder and ceo of viterbi seo mgm, llc out of california. ive owned and operated a digital marketing company specializing in seo since 2008. | we hired samantha tyrrell and natalie guse to help with very basic link building. | what they did was invoice for $1k/mon at about a 3wk frequency. we knew the first month not much could happen so that $1k was probably a loss. then we paid the next month and we received very weak updates about what was done. we spent a lot of time meeting w them in person and discussing that this time of the year was very difficult to sponsor these fees, but we were willing to take the risk based off what they told us they could do and their work background. | when it came to the 3rd payment, it was already november 2018 and we were still asking for updates on what was going on. the ranking to our website had actually fallen. | what makes what these two people discapable is they used their single mother guilt trip to be paid in advance for december, even though i requested everything to be paused until i had got a real update. we foolishly helped these two out and made a 4th payment. | in all honestly, we probably received at most $300-500 worth of labor for the $4,000. we honestly think Sam and Nat are ripping of waves of people all over san diego soliciting business on craigslist. | i have no problem giving anyone that wants more information to contact me. this website requests not leaving contact info so youll just have to google my company and contact me directly. i have ALL the email correspondence with Samantha Tyrrel to show the dialogue requesting updates over and over.


  • Name: Thrive Marketing
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Oceanside
  • Address: 4306 Cassanna Way #113
  • Phone: 888.224.6602
  • Website: gothrivemarketing.com