Complaint: Thumbtack.Com is the Uber of home improvement. Shady liars with 0 integrity but with a nice cosmetic sheen. The best thing about Thumbtack is maybe their orange color scheme (to remind you of a more established company like Home Depot). There are tons of complaints by “Thumbtack Pros”” who pay to give quotes and net clients through the app. Those pros say Thumbtack is a fake leads generating service. My Ripoff Scams is on the client side. I am a normal everyday homeowner like many Americans. Not made of money

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Address: want a cost-effective way to maintain and upgrade my home but still want to be fair and ethical to other working Americans. This site promises you basic consumer safety and protection by throwing around meaningless words like “”Trust and Integrity”” and “”100% Thumbtack Guarantee”” IT IS A SCAM. There is absolutely ZERO protection or support by Thumbtack. 1) NO guarantee you get a “”Pro”” — Thumbtack does NOT check or verify licenses

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