I bought an IPOD NANO using Sears.com on 11/27/2015 and cancelled the order minutes later because of a shipping address issue. Order #961273971. Sears.com sent me cancellation e-mail on 11/27. % days later on 12/1 I got an e-mail from Sears.com that the merchant Tic-Tok has shipped the item even though the order is cancelled. USPS tracking number 930012011400986304961. The postman delivered the package in my mailbox on 12/3. I never received a refund even though it was a cancelled order. Calls to Sears.com prompted me to call Tic-Tok and e-mail them. I have been calling and e-mailing them for the last 2 days. Calls always go to voice mail even during business hours and voice mail never responded. I would need my $110 back on the cancelled order. | I placed another order for IPOD Nano on the same day 11/27/2015 with the correct shipping address. The item was delievered on 12/1 in “used” condition instead of “new”. The package did not have return policy or return address. The website states send an e-mail to [email protected] to get an RMA number for returm but the e-mail is never responded. I would need money back for this item that was received in “used” condition. | I would avoid both Sears.com and Tic-Tok Watch and Cellular.


  • Name: Tic-Tok Watch Co.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Meridianville
  • Address: 172 Wes Ashley Dr.
  • Phone: (256) 829-8630
  • Website: www.tic-tok.net/