I applied to a position on craigslist for selling tickets for a company for major events. i had to create a paypal and stubhub account, and the company sent me tickets in pdf format and i would then list them on stubhub and sell them and get 20% commission off the price and send the money through the send and receive on paypal. My first tickets sold for $450 on stubhub and the company emailed me and told me to send the money to a specific email address and the receiver would be in the united states the persons name was mike trout. i was to keep $90 and to forward $360 to this person as payment for selling their tickets. After the money was sent and received it was received by someone in russia.the company told me they received the payment but then continue to tell me to pay them the $360 as they have not gotten it but i sent it and have proof. i immediately contacted paypal and denied a refund of the $360 bc i dont know who the person is. and now stubhub is investigating me bc of all this and i dont know what to do and i think they’re imitating another company right next door to them ***********************************