Complaint: I bought concert tickets using my fathers credit card, after charging me a ridiculous service fee of 100.00 with no explanation as to why. I got a call from my father where he informed me his wallet turned up lost and he found it with nothing in it. since I used his card to purchase the tickets.. I then got on the phone…. which was a joke… the same recording over and over again.. only to hear “sorry your’re having trouble. good bye””… and the desperation of this company tells me that they are not ligit. they show on their web site 100% satisfaction guarantee. that could not be more of a lie and false advertisement. the site says to call a number

Tags: Sales People

Address: the number says to use email… since this was an urgent matter I wanted to speak to someone and simply offer another form of payment. They refused to use another form of paymente after trying to contact someone for an hour. I did use a chat

Website: and the bank is going to cancel all transactions made today… so what does that mean for the tickets. do i go and look for them somewhere else. they refuse to cancel or take another form of payment…. and offer no other solutions. these companies should not be able to charge a service charge of almost the same amount of the ticket price… and then do nothing to help out. I simply wanted to use another form of payment. and they didn’t want that either. sounds like a desperate agency who uses shadey marketing tactics to reel in customers and then throws the customers under the bus once they get their payment. even if the payment is from a card that is not valid. with todays technology you mean to tell me they cannot cancel or take another form of payment? I’m pretty sure they can. jennifer c”

Phone: and that was refused. After speaking to someone named denise.. who would not give me her employee number