i have bought a necklace on the internet the web site stated all their jewelry is real when i received it in the mail it was a knock off per their policy if i want to return the product i have to contact them and they will tell me what to do well i have been e mailing them everyday thats the only way to contact them but the do not respond i am ready to go to the police with this i spent 125.oo on a fake necklace and i want my money back the place is in china which i did not no until i received my product and i know for a fact that tiffany jewelry does not come from china if they stated that on their web site i would have never bought it. and now i dont know what to do i want my money back i really hope you can help me i have had several people tell me to call the FBI i just think that this is wrong nDonna nwest greenwich, Rhode IslandU.S.A.

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