So my husband is a cheater. Always has been. He’s now got 1 son with an old co-worker and twins on the way with another home wrecker…but that’s another story. We are separated but STILL married. || Today I’m here to tell you about this chick Tiffany who I just found out about. My husband is staying at mine and my kids apartment because he has burned all his bridges and has absolutely no where to go. I’m trying to be nice and help him. Well, looking on Facebook I see this chick commenting on my husbands pics with”sexy” and things like this. Liking all his stuff…I ask him about it..he just blows it off. So I start getting nasty with this chick, calling her out. My husband gets mad at me…ok really? He comes home last night and passes out so I go through his phone. I find out he’s been sleeping with this nasty ass chick. Driving my car over there to fuck her when he’s telling me he’s somewhere else. This crazy bitch has changed her facebook cover photo to a pic of her and my husband, and changed her relationship status to”in a relationship”. I start talking shit on my wall and guess what…my husband defriended me this morning….bhaha. || I have no clue what trailer park my husband has been trolling to find this crackwhore looking skank. I just hope he wraps it up so he doesn’t end up with 4 baby mommas….btw I have not been sleeping with him since he’s been staying here and its a good thing by the looks of her…lol. He’s gotta go. He will never change. I’ve put up with this for the 9 years we’ve been married. I’ve hit my breaking point and then some. My daughters saw this chicks pics and said mommy she’s ugly. I just didn’t know what to say. I hope this whore doesn’t think she’s gonna be meeting my girls. Over my dead body will that happen.