My husband and I seperated November 2016. This really isn’t a lose for me, but I can’t stand when people knew we were trying to work it out in may and still were sleeping with and talking to him. My husband is still my husband because he refuses to sign until right before the 28 cut off. He’s into mental games, is a self professed narcissist and gaslighter. It’s how he got me to eventually agree to not fill out the papers and to work it out. He seemed like he was getting his stuff together. But something was never right…there were other women he turned to when we weren’t communicating so much, but he was gaslighting me and trying to convince me to let him back. So tiffany gave him what others were also, but stuck around even when we started working it out. She has no issue that he is using her to hurt me and control me more. Further more she has no issue speaking on my marriage and 8 years with him. They are both narcissists. She feels special that she “won”, when I am still the one he’s thinking of. He has a private fb, yet last week left a public posts of being in a relationship with her. He flat out lied about restricted mail getting lost for a month. Then later admitted to a friend he has not signed. She’s aware he hasn’t signed. See my soon to be ex has an issue with letting his exes go and needing constant validation. I am one of the few exes who refuses to play his games. So he tries to force me, and she has no issue helping continue the abuse I went through. There were a million reasons for me to leave. The final straw was him taking a machete to use as intimidation to force me to talk to him after he trapped me in the basement. She has sad posts of her being Harley Quinn looking for her joker, well she found him… but she is no Harley Quinn. She’s just a homewrecker, building this image he actually loves her…oh yes the L word is being out out there already. Again, we were back together mid March to May 10. Rather quick to be dropping the L word and not have been talking this whole time. He targets women who are going through hard times, but think they’re strong and independent. He starts by relating and empathizing to their suffering. He likes them a little heavier or extremely thin. So he can pick at their bodies. She’s a single mother who has more focus on find her Joker than being a mom. Friends commented on his fb post of him refusing to sign. She is still sticking next to “her man”. Sadly for both of us, I will always be his Harley Quinn. I just don’t want to be HQ, I want to be wonder woman or the woman from PS I love you. She can have my Joker, I have found kings who actually have their life together wanting me. BUT I am still legally bound to him. I will always love him, it’s what made me stay through it, plus being gas lit for 8 years. She’s a HomeWrecker. Along with the others, yes she’s not the only one, I have received messages from others actually asking for my side. Which she has never done. In fact she blocked me so she can continue living this fantasy that he actually loves her. He loves himself and that’s it. Both are selfish it seems, so they have that in common.