I bought a $600 laptop and a $200 Square Trade Warranty from this store on March 11, 2012 and today on June 12, 2013 I found out it was as good as buying wind. They told me that they would not honor the warranty. Tiger Direct sells warranties for Square Trade which is a Ponzi Scheme at best since they always find an excuse not to honor a warranty. You dropped the laptop oh that was intentional your warranty does not cover intentional damage. There is no way to prove intentional or accidental except which one is cheaper intetnional damage since its not covered by the warranty. Jay Klein who works in this store but does not have an A+ Computer Repair Certification laughed at me for not backing up the laptop. It was a gift for my nephew and I told him to back it up but he never did. He told me it was a software problem even though he could not identify what the problem was since he never bothered to pass the A+ Certification Test. I told him I had an A+ Certification and did not believe it was a software problem. He insisted it was software related and argued with every reason I brought up why he was right and I was wrong. He was extremely rude and argumentative with me and I finally left since he kept saying he could fix it if I would pay him $130. I called the Corporate number for Tiger Direct and was notified the Manager was going to call or email me back. I thought Jay Klein wanted to argue, dispute, and do everything but listen to my problem but his Manager Greg Pollak was even worse he had the arrogance to cut me off when I was talking, disagree with every point I made and insist when I told him he was arguing with me to yell back “No

I am not arguing!”” The bar for Managers at Tiger Direct is not very high since he still has a job. I have been in customer service for 13 years and have never seen a Manager act so completely unprofessionally. Best Buy and New Egg do not need to worry about Tiger Direct since this place is full of rude


and egotistical guys with no customer service skills. I have had several customers who were mad at my job and even when I could not help them because of company policy

I did everything I could to show them respect and courtesey. I understand that you can not always help some one but rude and offensive behavior from a Manager is unexcusable. I’ve had customer service issues at Best Buy and once I got to a Manager or Supervisor I was treated with dignity and respect not arrogance and contempt.”