Ordered online over $700 worth of computer parts from TigerDirect.com. At the time there was an offer for $10 off on orders over $50. Opened a rebate claim with 4myrebate.com for my $10 rebate on Feb 15, 2014. Selected express processing (1-2 weeks) for giving up 10% of my rebate. Mailed all documentation. 4myrebate.com online system shows they received it on Feb 26, 2014. Emailed to inquire 3 weeks later. Autoreply, but no response within the promised 2 business days. Called back in a week (mid March). Rebate claim status says “Pending Client Validation””. After long hold I got to speak to customer saervice. Call quality is awful. I am asking where is the express processing I “”paid”” for. They explain something that the documentation is for review with TigerDirect. Wait another month. Still nothing. Called TigerDirect they tell me there is nothing they have to verify. There is no client verification required on their part and 4myrebate has to do the rebate automatically. Then he decided to take my information and promised to look into it. And of April. Still nothing. I ran into another problem with an Asus rebate and 4myrebate so I decided to look into this.Here is what I find – 4myrebate and TigerDirect are both owned by Systemax (public company trading under the symbol SYX). Systemax owns a lot of other brands

including “”Worldwide Rebates””

another outfit with “”stellar”” reputation. 4myrebate.com was previously onrebate.com but went bankrupt. All these companies have numerous complaints and lawsuits against them. The rebate business they run is based on rebate denials and waiting for the customer to give up. As I mentioned I ran into another issues with an Asus rebate processed by 4myrebate

but this is material for another complaint.”

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