I had a Tikona broadband connection with Customer ID:1119492868 but due to poor connection services I have raised multiple connection termination request which went unnoticed from Tikona. | Issue: | 1. I opted for Tikona connection in October 2016 with three months cycle payment in advance. | 2. Started facing issues in Internet Connectivity in First Month due to which services was suspended for over 20 days in November Month. | 3. Internet Connectivity issues was a routine issue in Tikona and you may cross check it through Voice logs maintained at your end. Hope you complying with regulatory requirements to keep logs for minimum 3 years. | 4. I missed my several Office meeting on skype due to no Internet Connectivity, which I reported to your team. | 5. After making almost 50 tries to fixed the Internet issues through customer care and on premise visit by your customer representative issues was open only. | 6. In February & March 2017 raised a request for connection termination and didn’t used the services for almost 15 days. Later on after request from your customer representative to give them a chance for enhanced services, I agreed to use the services. | 7. Faced similar challenges again but not getting any option for connection termination. Your customer representative only gave the option to resolve the issues and different reasons to continue with Tikona with upgraded offer. | 8. After getting no adequate support, responses on connection termination i finally sent an connection termination email to Tikona on April 25, 2017 to suspend all services with immediate effect starting from April 26, 2017 (my billing cycle). | 9. I had done all the payment till April 25, 2017 and didn’t used the connection (even a KB data) from April 26, 2017. | 10. I got a connection termination confirmation in sometime around August 2017 (after 5 months) and this charges rs 1295 is for that period from April 26, 2017. | 11. I had supported to your team and returned all the devices installed in my premise in November month and not obligated for any fine. I have a receipt of that. | I discussed with team that I have made all the necessary payments till date of using and i am not liable to pay any forced services which even I haven’t used. In December I received a legal notice email from TIkona for collection. I replied to email with justification but mail got undelivered then i sent the mail to customer care which went unnoticed. | Now I received a call from Advocate Mr. Manish (M. No. +91-8963856939) that a case is going to be filed in my name under section 420 etc. for payment failure and if want to avoid legal case, made a immediate payment of Rs 3294. I am a corporate employee and din’t get much leaves to fight a case in Court or to provide my justification and made payment as Forced. | Now I have below points to raise against tikona: | Worst Internet Services (detail below) which doesn’t work most of time however user has to made payment in advance. If you fight they provide some discounts but doesn’t improve services. Due to poor services I missed several office meetings (online calls)and suffered. | No action on Connection termination and only option to give them a chance to improve the services. I tried my best to close the connection but thy didn’t closed. | Don’t have clear Guidelines for connection termination and Turn Around Time (TAT) to Terminate a Connection. It seems Once a tikona customer by Choice and always a TIkona customer by force. | Pathetic Customer support division who only calls to customer to make a note in their diary for daily routine and doesn’t really help customers to hear and resolve issues. | Tikona’s Legal Team is working actively for payment collection by mentally harassing customers, torture,legal fear and disturbing the whole day by making regular calls from different numbers. | If you want to complain through customer portal/emails/calls they don’t resolve however customer services are chargeable and they believe customer will disconnect call automatically after 30-40 minutes. Wasted 500-600 Rs in Calling Customer Care. | Now please let me know, Do i need to pay for the bill during which i didn’t used any data. I am not a defaulter and to abide with legal circumstances I have a proof that I have not used any of your services for period with payment. I stopped payment because If i had done that payment, tikona had never suspended the services and continue billing the customer. | It is customer choice to continue with service provide and law suggest that customer should be given all the freedom to move on to another service provider if not satisfied with customers. | No I want a justice in this case and to several other customer who faces similar issues. I want to fight against fraud and how Tikona is be fooling customers.


  • Name: Tikona
  • Country: India
  • State: Maharashtra
  • City: Mumbai
  • Address:
  • Phone: 1860 3000 3434
  • Website: www.tikona.in/