I sent this company clearly labeled window and door dimensions – rough openings – yet someone in their company made a mistake and took those dimensions for actual window and door dimensions. This caused the product to be the exact dimension as the openings in which they were to fit into. In the construction world this is a big mistake as it will be impossible to fit the windows and doors in place and plumb and level them properly. Needless to say, we spent 2 weeks enlarging all openings since. Since our home is a masonry home, this was no small task. After installation, we realised that some windows did not reflect light the same way. We discovered that a few panes were missing the low-e film. Also another window lost it’s argon gas and was causing condensation and loss of heat from the home. Final blow was when we realised that a few of the balcony doors (pricey, at about $2500 a set) had warped doors which would not seal properly against their frame. The frame wasn’t under any pressure so the problem only lied within the doors themselves.We are still battling these crooks in the court without any cooperation from them.Be warned and stay away!

New Market, Ontario United States of America


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