On December 31st 2016, my friend Freddy and I decide to go out and watch the UFC fights at Tilted Kilt. Before even showing up my friend Freddy had called to ask how it was. They told him it was first come first serve and $10 fee upon entering. We get there around 8:30 PM, where a gentlemen by the name of Fabian Davila greets us and tells us about the place. He states that its first come first serve & no reservations. Fabian Davila also states that the inside is full but tables were still available at the back. My friend and I both pay to enter and go towards the back to see what tables were available. As soon as we get to the back, I see a table by itself, so I tell my buddy Freddy that this would be a good spot and we both sat down. About a minute later, a couple comes up to us and tells is that it was his table and that he was there first. I reply back that I had sat down first and told him that this is a first come first serve establishment and also there aren’t any reservations. I told him that when i sat down there was NOBODY at the table. His lady interrupts and says that she was looking for parking which had nothing to do with anything but this clearly proves that she wasn’t there before me. I told the guy that I wouldn’t move & he would have to sit somewhere else. He calls the waitress who then tells me that they were here first. I tell the waitress that he wasn’t, but to call the manager so that we can resolve the situation at hand. Ten minutes later the assistant manager comes to the table and tells me how this table was reserved. I reply back that I was told there were no reservations and any table is up for grabs as long as nobody is sitting down. I ask the assistant manager if she was kicking me out? She says no. I ask her if she was the one in charge of the whole place, she says no. I then tell her that she get her boss to come over so that can address the issue. Ten minutes later, the assistant manager comes up to me and again tells me that they were here first and i had to leave. I asked where her boss was at and she states he was busy at the front. She tells me that i had to give up my table or i had to leave the establishment and if i did not leave she would call the police. I told her i was not leaving as i had sat down first so she proceeded to call the police. The police show up and go to the table I was sitting and I explain to him the whole situation. The police officer tells me to not take it personal as they can refuse service to anyone they choose to. I tell the police officer that it was unfair, I wasn’t causing any trouble and that they were kicking me out for no valid reason. I proceeded to leave as i was instructed to. I walked to the front got reimbursed the $10 i paid to enter. Before leaving I spoke to the general manager who was the person who first greeted us and told us the rules. I told him that I was there first and that this whole place was unfair. He apologized and said that they did have the table before us. I told him that it was false as i sat first. I got his name down and told him this was by far the worst place with the worst service and left. For those who say i might be lying, why don’t we see the cameras and see who sat first. Cameras don’t lie. This was a horrible and embarassing experience. Maybe the assistant manager knew the couple. Maybe the general manager knew the couple. This was completely unjust and was not handled professionally like it should have been.


  • Name: Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: McAllen
  • Address: 4117 W Expy 83
  • Phone: 956-687-5458
  • Website: tiltedkilt.com/