Even though I hired Tim Delaney to work as my ICBC case to get me compensation for serious injuries in car wreck, Tim Delaney conspired with his former business partner Jan Lindsay of Lindsay LLP to give me a laughable amount of money in damages. | I think that Timothy Delaney actually represents ICBC and conspires to defraud his clients. | Lindsay Kenney LLP has been sued many times by its clients for fraud. The law firm had internal conflicts that another Vancouver lawyer told me about, and they disappoint their own clients. | Don’t be a victim of Lindsay Kenney LLP or Tim Delaney.


  • Name: Tim Delaney, Vancouver Scammer Solicitor & Barrister
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Address: 1800-401 West Georgia Street
  • Phone: 1.604.484.3059
  • Website: