Complaint: To whom this may concern, i work for Timeline logisitic for about 8 mth well before them i was emplyeeed with another courier for about 4 years than timeline under bidded the contract and got it well i always was paid on time witht the other courior buttt timeline started with this major nationwide auto parts , well my route round trip was 220 miles aday so when it come to gettimg payed with timeline knowing the auto parts i was delivering to my stores ,,, my checks were never on time or they would bounce i was supposed to be getting paid every other wedenesday …but i would end up getting paid maybe the next following monday or so….they would tell me when i called them not to say a thing to Napa auto parts store about my money and having to pay my own gas after being broke from them not paying me when i know napa was paying them,,, never had a problem before about my pay till timeline …..or sometime timelime would issue you a paper check it would bounce …..this compamy is a piece of work i cant believe timeline is still running a courier service after loosing staples account and account someone need to stop this company they are the worst company i have every worked for ,, someone needs to shut them down….

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: 2940 Eisenhower St dallas tx Internet United States of America


Phone: 972-446-5083