Last November i brought in bunch of stuff to sell. Two days before the sale i witnessed a bid on a $300 set of my new luggage for $45. When I went to collect I was told that my luggage only sold for $25. Somebody had scratched out the 45$ bid. Cant prove anything, but it didn’t seem legitimate. n nI also had brand new boxes of crystal stemware. They decided to take them out of the boxes to display them but threw away the boxes. They didn’t sell, now I’m stuck with the loose glasses. nThey even lied about the charges involved. They told me the buyers are paying a 10% fee. But didn,t mention that i would also be charged as the seller. nI also brought in a box of star trek novels that they lost. As i strolled though the store I found the books with somebody elses seller number on them. I showed this to the store clerk who replaced the number with mine. When I went to collect they had no payment for me. When the manager reluctantly found my receipt she did reimburse me because she had to. n

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