TimelineTrust claims before you can even start enjoying their services you have to make a payment of GHC 100.00 which will be used to creat an account for you.I made the payment and after some days they emailed me to update my profiile and choose the service I want their assistance with. I did this chose the product package I want (IELTS Discount Packge).This costs a total of GHC1000.00 which could be paid in installments. I made a deposit of GHC599.00 expecting to starts my tuition. These people sent an email to confirm receipt and didnt even seem to have the credit to make calls to update me on what they will be doing to help.The package included assisting me in choosing universities but he was later asking me to be specific and decide on the universities I want. They attached no seriousness to the services I had paid for and seemed not to know what they are about.Couldn’t even decide on when I am starting my classes and kept on postponing the date. | These people as far as I know and they no had not been able to provide me with any service at all. I called them to cancel the package alltogether and that they should refund my money and they do not want to.Their rep even has the guts to hang p on me when I requested for my refund. | TIMELINETRUST REFUND MY MONEY OR ELSE THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF ME LETTING THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW HOW INCOMPETENT AND DECEPTIVE YOU ARE. GIVE ME BACK THE MONEY YOU HAVE NOT WORKED FOR


  • Name: TimelineTrust
  • Country: Ghana
  • State:
  • City: Achimota-Accra
  • Address: P.O. Box AT 1620
  • Phone: 023-288-6058
  • Website: timelinetrust.com/