In January 2011 we signed a contract with Timeshare Investors of America where they promised to sell our timeshare in 30 – 45 days. We paid a fee that was refundable at closing to process our paperwork. n45 days went by with no reults. I called several times and finally talked to James Parker who told me we needed to pay more as a good faith investment refundaable at closing or risk losing our original investment, toal investment now became $6713.00. This was to be settled by the end of June 2011. nIn July I called and spoke with Nick Charles who told me the investors that were going to by our timeshare put everything on hold until September. In October I called and spoke with Evan Medow who told me the investors have put everything on hold until December. nIn January I spoke to Evan Medow again and he told me everything was put on hold until the economy got better. Our contract expired on January 18th and since then I have not been able to contact anyone at TIA. Today March 30th 2012 I called again and this time the phone has been disconnected

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