I am waiting for my check


My Complaint: On May 13th we received a phone call from Carl Goldman, representing himself as the lawyer employed by Vacation Villages. He had a doctor who was interested in purchasing our timeshare. The offering price was $39,000. There was to be a conference call between the doctor, Carl, Bill and I. I believe the doctor?s name was Miller, and he was from California.

Carl told us that if we would wire him $6,839.10 to be held in escrow until the final money had been transferred, he would do all the paperwork necessary to complete the sale of our timeshare at Vacation Villages.

We wired the money on the 14th of May.

Carl Goldman assured us that he was indeed employed by Vacation Villages, and gave us a number to call to verify his employment. I did make that phone call, and the people on the other end assure me that Carl was employed by them ? Vacation Villages. They transferred me to their accounting department who told me that all the information they had about our timeshare had been sent to Carl ? Vacation Villages lawyer.

On the 19th of May Carl called again and informed us that Doctor Miller had a friend who was an appraiser and he (Doctor Miller) had requested this friend do an appraisal. The doctor stated that he would pay whatever the appraised value came in at. The next phone call we had from Carl was a conference call between Doctor Miller and Carl. Much to our surprise the appraised value came to $74,000. This would of course require we deposit more money into that escrow account.

We were to be sent the $13,000 that was being held in the escrow account as soon as the final payment had been received from the doctor.

Our check was to have been sent on 6/2/2014 ? mail ? registered. As of today, that check has not been received.

I have called Carl several times and get the same song and dance ? his clerical help who has all the information is on emergency leave due to her father being severely ill.

This morning 6/12/14 I called Mr. Henry at corporate offices of Vacation Villages and he assured me that they do not resell our timeshares.

This is the fleecing of America all over again. I can?t believe I fell for such a slick trick. But we were only too willing to get rid of the timeshare. And as long as the lawyer was doing the work, we shouldn?t have to worry.

When I suggested he send me paperwork to show the details ? he said he was handling all that.

The phone number that we have been calling to talk to Carl is
772 324 0281
And the phone number to verify his employment was
863 509 9048


My Demand: Just to get back my original $13,000