Tin N Timber Construction Ripped Me Off! | Tin N Timber Construction of Bloomfield, Indiana, has failed to complete construction of my home. Construction was initiated in Spring of 2017, with a promised completion date of late that summer. | Delays then resulted in a new promised completion of September 2017. Having taken the company at their word, I sold my home in WV, (5.5 hours away from my new home) and moved to a rental home in Owensboro, KY (40 minutes away from my new home) while awaiting what was supposed to be a 1-2 month sprint to finish the home construction, with just the exterior staining held off until the Spring of 2018 because of outside temperature. | All through 2018, it has been one excuse after another as to why they cannot send work crews to complete my home. This despite the fact that they had taken on newer construction projects of other log homes. | A number of critical issues remain unresolved: | Tin N Timber has requested, and taken construction loan Draw Money for line items that have not been completed. | In an attempt to avoid delays in the construction process, (since Tin N Timber indicated they did not have the funds) I purchased items such as kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, and all the plumbing fixtures with the agreement from them that they would reimburse me once the Draw Money was made available from the loan company. Once the draw money for the cabinets and plumbing fixtures was made available, they instead used those funds against other construction projects that they were behind on. I am still awaiting reimbursement for the cabinets purchased in 2017 ($8,500), reimbursement for the plumbing fixtures/bath cabinets ($4,000), and reimbursement for carpeting ($2,482.36). | The fireplace, although installed, has no ducting to the chimney, and still awaits a chimney cap (which Tin N Timber has been promising for over a year) which is when they requested the Draw Money from the loan company and took full payment for the fireplace installation. | The entire year of 2018 was insufficient for Tin N Timber to have workers complete installation of the half log siding on the exterior of the house, and the needed material to do that is not on site. | The work force from Tin N Timber has only been present sporadically for most of the year, with a typical week seeing them on site only one abbreviated day at a time. Their normal work day is usually around 9:00 AM, absent and hour for lunch, and then a 2:30-3:00 departure for the day to make the drive back up to the North. Since August of 2018, I believe they completed work at my home a total of 4 days in August, 0 days in September, 2 days in October, and then 3.5 hours in the entire month of November. Clearly, they have no intention of completing this home any time in the near future. Since many electrical, plumbing, floor, trim siding, stair items remain incomplete. | After 20 months of construction, the house still lacks front stairs, rear stairs, siding, exterior lights, numerous outlets and switches, exterior stain, a working fireplace, screened porch, a kitchen island (so no sink, and my wife has been doing dishes in a bathroom sink for 4 months). | What was promised to be 1-2 months to finish the house in 2017, resulted in my wife and I renting a house in Owensboro, KY on a month-to month basis. Instead of 1-2 months, we ended up having to stay there 10 months, and then had to take occupancy of our still unfinished home. | The wood floor installed in the home buckled within weeks, and Tin N Timber has refused to take responsibility for it. They have stated that they will not pay for a new floor, although the last work the work crew did complete was ripping out about one-third of the floor, leaving only felt paper over a subfloor in the hallway and one-quarter of the Great Room. A real mess and hazard to live with. | Additionally, Tin-N-Timber has also avoided paying the HVAC company the balance of ($7,010.50) owed to them although the work was completed over 6 months ago, and he also refused to pay the company that provided a roll-off container for construction debris the ($229.64) they are owed. | It’s been 3 months since I have seen anyone from the TNT work crew performing work on the house, and over 5 months since the owner, Cheyenne Fleetwood himself has been at my home to direct or even monitor the construction. | They have not answered the local Better Business Bureau, or the Indiana Attorney General’s office regarding my complaints. | Looks like I’m going to have to go to court to get any kind of money back from this detriment to the construction trade.


  • Name: Tin N Timber Construction, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Indiana
  • City: Bloomfield
  • Address: 1102 N Warren Road
  • Phone: (812) 381-4066
  • Website: