I have been with this man since 2009. As in all relationships we had our ups and downs. In 2011 we lost our son and it seems from there things went wonky. He started to get distant and I felt it was because we were both grieving. Not to long after he started going out drinking and not coming home. He told me everything was fine, but he needed time to deal with this his own way. This broke my heart but I understood. Time passes I find out he is talking to someone. He tells me it’s not what I think. They are just friends….. shortly after I find out we are expecting another baby. Something we both wanted. But he gets upset. Tells me that it’s too scary and he can’t handle losing another child. I understand that I too was scared!. Fast forward a few months. I am sitting at the ultrasound specialist office and he is not answering his phone. Doesn’t show up. I am worried. || Something in me tells me to check our bank account to see if he’s used it. Mind you during this time period he has expressed extreme depression and thoughts of suicide. So I am freaking out. Worried! Only to find out he has left the state. I start calling frantically but no response. Then I see that he has stopped and has gotten a hotel room. I call the hotel to have a woman answer the phone. || I am pissed! I went down to the bank and emptied out the account. Checking savings everything! His phone magically work’s when the bank card don’t! He is saying that he needed to help a friend go pick up their child because the father won’t send her home to her mom. So I say you drove another woman out of state to help her out…. blow off a very important ultrasound for OUR child to help this woman who is just a friend retrieve her child. Yeah I wasn’t buying it… needless to say from that point on our relationship was beyond strained. I let him know he could just walk away. No harm no foul. We could work something out when the baby arrives… he says no that’s not what he wants. So I start digging and I find out this friend was the same woman he was talking to. At this point I let him know I am not gonna put up with any of that bs and he needed to make a choice and stand by it. He agrees. A few days later I received a text letting me know that he has another phone. That they were supposed to move in together and that I was lying about being Pregnant. That I was crazy since I lost our son. So I play it cool and I go looking for this phone and I find and confront him. Come to find out this woman has been paying for the phone so she could reach him. I text the number and let this woman know what I thought of her and what she is doing. And that if a woman needs to buy a man a phone to talk to her that should be a red flag! She never responded. I toss the phone in the trash and he claims that she was just a piece of ass and that he love’s me and our family and that he always thinks with his d**k instead of his heart…. I keep him at arms length. Some time passes I go into labor and I call him and he says he will be there soon… hours pass before he shows up. When I start to ask questions he just said he needed time to clear his head! Well come to find out she was clearing his head for him with her mouth! I am done! || I know full well it takes two to tango. He ultimately made the choices that he made. But this woman has no moral fiber. She is not the type of woman I want in my kids life. And I let him and her know that. I follow what the courts have ordered for me to do. He wants to be a family. But I can’t believe that. And that is what is so sad.