Complaint: I ordered some Cabo rims for a Buick Roadmaster and I asked to make sure they would fit before ordering them and was told by a guy named Sam that they would and I would have them in 10 days. About 3 weeks after ordering I called and called then I finally was able to talk to another person who then told me that they couldn’t get them because they won’t fit. I then inquired about a set of wire wheels prices and then I was given 3 different prices for 1 set of the same rims. I told them i didn’t want them or any other rims they had and to refund my money and they said they would have to carge me a restocking fee for a set of rims they never had in stock or never ordered. I continued to call and call and they would tell me to call at a certain time to talk to manager and when I did they was never there or they would just hang up after I was put on hold. About 4 months later I receive a set of wire wheels that wasn’t the same size of the Cabo rims and was about $1000 more. I have sent legal papers to them only to be sent back to my lawyer. I still have yet to hear from or receive my money back. I have all the documents from the western Union to when the wrong rims arrived down to the time. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it very much. Harold Columbus, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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