Tire Choice Unnecessary Repairs Oil Plug not Replaced Correctly and Wrong Type of OIl and Oil Filter Gasket Installed Causing Oil Leak Boca Raton Florida!!. DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE!!!! Three vehicles repaired. I have been a customer for ten years. Lost my business. They lied to me as to what needed to be replaced on one vehicle ($2,000), they estimated something completely not needed on another ($1,500) and they changed the oil on my Mercedes indicating the wrong type of oil. Then it started leaking oil. Took it somewhere else to have the oil changed again because the invoice said regular oil. Mercedes takes synthetic. Turns out the oil leak from my Mercedes was because they put the wrong gasket on and did not screw the oil plug on correctly in addition to the wrong type of oil. Had to have the engine cleaned. Called corporate. The do not care!!!! Now I am filing a complaint with the State of Florida. This is bad business practice. They lost a ten year+ excell

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