Complaint: We purchased tires from this company on line. The order went through, we received an order confirmation, and then a day or so later they emailed us and said that there was a problem. The only way to solve the problem was for us to pay for the tires using paypal. We did so and then they charged our account twice. When you call to talk to someone they are in Bulgaria. They speak broken english and do not have any tools to assist a customer. They can not do anything but quote company scripted rebuttals. Customer satisfaction is not a priority with this company. We still do not have our tires… Very Bad service.. Do not use this company unless you want to pay twice and wait for them to release one of the charges.. Then wait for your tires..We believe this is a front for a company out of Europe to just get an address here to rip off Americans.

Tags: Auto Tire shops

Address: 1306 NW Hoyt St., Ste. 304, Portland, Oregon United States of America


Phone: 1-877-253-6191