Complaint: On 5/16/2002 took 1993 ford escort to have oil and filter changed at sale price of $9.99. Walked outside and near service bay. Saw mechanic take old filter from drain pan and put back onto car. Did not say anything at that time. Took 1996 Suzuki for same service but marked filter with (X) and other marks. Inspected filter when i got home ,. It was the same one, They never changed either filters, but charged me for the service. I contacted them,and was offered money back or new filters, refused both felt it was more important to notify public of their practice. If they did it to me how many other cars are going arround with old filters. I also was given the chance to watch them change it so I knew it was done. Forget it never at this outfit again Richard St. James City, Florida

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Address: 155 Hancock Bridge Parkway Cape Coral, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 239-458-0200