Complaint: Had a man walk into my office offering a truckload of equipment that was at a recent equipment show and didn’t sell. Rather than pay the shipping costs to send back to South Carolina he was authorized by his boss to make a great deal to liquidate it all. 2-generators (1-gas/1-diesel), 1-air compressor, 1-pressure washer, 1-3″ trash pump and assortment of hoses all for the price of the 1-diesel generator at $5950. We get a lot of walk in deals like this so we have a procedure; as one of my employees and I went out to see the equipment we heard the initial sales pitch and my employee goes inside to research the offer while I look at the specs and information provided. Once my employee finds something (good or bad) he text messages me or calls me inside to take a call. My employee immediately found the 12 different reports on Rip Off Report that were all very similar or identical to what was being presented. I got the text message and instead of walking away I decided to play the game a bit longer.I started asking about bottom line pricing and the salesman called his (make-believe) boss. Sure enough the price was quickly $5400. I said that even though the one generator was diesel and had a neat remote start that I still thought a 20-amp generator could be bought for a much better price. The salesman tried to explain that the price was good for all the equipment but I said the deal was for the price of the generator and the price for the generator was way too high; the price dropped to $4500. I asked if the salesman had time to put oil and fuel in all the equipment and make sure it worked before I committed to buying. He said he couldn’t fuel and oil them because if he didn’t sell them he had to ship them back and tried showing me a full warranty on the equipment. I paused and really made it look like I was struggling to decide and without asking the guy dropped the price to $4000. I pulled the plug and told him I couldn’t make a deal with the situation being offered.I called Titan Equipment and they confirmed the driver’s name and the deals being made from the pickup truck were from one of their distributors (Atlas Power). This of course does not mean that Titan is not partied to this shady deal. Bottom line is the equipment is made by what appears to be a legit company and can be had for a good price if you negotiate well. As far as the quality of the equipment I never got to find out.”

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