Managing Director John P Fayder and Broker Micheal Fuentes, contacted me asking if I would be interested in selling my time share. I agreed with the offer of $36,0000 as the purchase price. I was told that I would need to pay a transfer fee, since I still had a balance on my timeshare loan. I was told I would have to wire the money $1,500 to the buyer. John claimed that the buyer was located in Mexico, and I had to send the money to a Mexican bank. Up to this point I was hesitant on sending the money. I was then asked again to send more money for the process fee. I am now suspicious. I was assured that would be le last fee. A couple days went by then I was asked that I had to pay the Broker’s commission to Micheal Funtes. I refused to send anymore money and demanded for a refund. All money transactions were made through Cynthia Reva who is the alleged Escrow Agent that works for Title Trading holdings Corporation, LLC. Ms Reva submitted a cancellation letter for me to sign and forward. I completed what was requested. I then received a email from Ms Reva, the email read that I was getting my refund and they no longer a neutral party… I contacted my Time share company and inquired if any attempts too buy me out. I was told that there were no such offers on the purchase of my time share. I made several attempts to contact Mr Fayder (919)267-3769 (866) 978-7622