Complaint: This is a typical scam that charges you a small fee to get your bank card and then rips you off with a hidden charge later because you were unaware of it because they hid some sort of cancel button. This has happened before so I am aware of this scam so the check box must have been hidden well. At least the first company that pulled this over on me refunded my money. I tried to email tkgmedia as soon as I noticed the charge I did not authorize but I got an email from “Lily”” informing me that I am going to keep being billed until I find the cancel function on their site. I immediately called my bank to cnacel the charge but they are only “”investigating”” it. As a result

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: my current bank card was canceled. I just had a new card sent to me and went through the hassle of changing my account information on EVERYTHING. And I am still discovering forgotten accounts with the old card number. Now

Website: I will have to close my account entirely and start a new one. What a way to absolutely piss me off. Thanks TKG media for ripping me off! Have fun with that $97 dude. Dave Portland

Phone: thanks the person running TKG media