This is what it said in a text-Dear (my name), you are accepted for a position. Review vacancy details on Then I go to website and see this- 1. The employment contract signing procedure:Please click HERE to open the Employment Contract. First and foremost, please, take time to look through the terms and conditions attentively since once you click on the SIGN button at the bottom of the contract, it will become a legally binding employment agreement.Moreover, you can look through the list of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) at the beginning of the contract to find out more about the company and this position. Next to it, there is also a link to the company’s website for you to learn more about us.2. Verification of identity & place of residence.Once you signed the digital agreement, you are requested to send a PROOF OF YOUR IDENTITY (e.g. driver’s license, passport or state ID card) and a proof of your residential ADDRESS (e.g. utility bill, a tenancy agreement or letter addressed to your name and address) by submitting us the aforementioned copies via email to the HR Manager, Emily Maes, [email protected]3. Training period:Once the contract is signed and your identity and place of residence are verified, your Supervisor will appoint you on-line trainings. The trainings with your supervisor will last for a couple of days, during the trainings you will receive all the necessary instructions for you to get started and also a chance to process test packages and thus to learn your duties in more details.Sure if this is a scam but it doesn’t sound real to me. I searched for a dress on website and no matches were found. I was hoping that you all could investigate this because this would be a great job if real.