Complaint: TMV L.L.C. is an 8(a) government contractor that rips off its subcontractors. Never furnish any goods or perform any services for this company if you expect to be paid. They have a team of junior varsity level attorneys (who use disbarred attorneys as their paralegals) to threaten anyone who tells the truth about them. The owner, Vince Fudzie, stole the corporate namesake of on creditor in an attempt to avoid paying the debt. Because they hire attorneys of relatively low intelligence, this company has a well documented history of filing frivolous lawsuits against any subcontractor trying to collect what is owed to them. The attorneys representing the TMV in these lawsuits are easily slapped around and the frivolous cases are resolved with a summary judgment. This is a company that needs to be investigated by the FBI.

Tags: Federal Government

Address: 11615 Forest Central Dr, #202 Dallas, Texas United States of America