Employees of Power Places Tours confirm cheating, ripping people off and dishonesty. Power Places Tours is operated by Toby and Theresa Weiss, and the internet is filled with reports of people losing money, being cheated, subjected to SLAPP suits and harassed to remove true reviews by the aforementioned individuals.Significant proof is attached via screenshots to substantiate the allegations made so that people can see they are true.They have confirmed that people do indeed get ripped off and are ripped off often through a fraudulent surcharge – here is some of the testimony which can also be found on the internet (as proof) without too much trouble. I worked for Power Places Tours for a very short time and although the owner made me sign a contract that declared I was an “Independent Contractor

“” she treated me and everyone else like employees

controlling a great deal of how we did our work

right down to what emails we wrote. Commission for selling a $5000 trip was about $15 dollars. It was ridiculous! She left her key employees frustrated