Purchased Todd English Green Pans and they are HORRIBLE!! I have called and was told to return the products with a prepaid UPS label and a refund would be issued. I have been tracking the package which was received over 2 weeks ago. No refund yet. I sent an email to the Customer Service Representative who assisted me about 4 days ago and she has not yet responded. I have called their Customer Service 4 times now and have always been on hold a minimum of 30 minutes or more. I am writing this while I am on hold with them today and have been for 35 minutes so far. I have learned my lesson and will not ever use their products again. I have better things to do than sit on hold with a company that sells such bad products and provides such TERRIBLE Customer Service. I will be contacting HSN as they aired the product and advise them of this problem. Hopefully they can help, or they ALSO will lose me as a customer.
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