Complaint: Tom Cunningham was personally present at the Sunset Commission hearing relative to the Judicial Conduct Commission. He personally heard how Judge William Adams held it was frivolous for a mother to believe her own child. This is obviously a corrupt fraudulent supposed proposition of law. The fact is that Courts regularly believe children and so do police, visitation centers, CPS, prosecutors, etc. This was a totally fabricated and fraudulent corrupt principle of supposed law. He also personally heard that this ruling was made by Judge William Adams in favor of his personal lawyer who was one of the child abusers according to the child (William Dudley). Extensive written materials were submitted including a transcript showing that this child was described as honest and intelligent by both of his parents and that numerous facts and circumstances supported what the child said, and the child was never impeached other than by vague unsupported denials. The Commission ignored the fact that Judge William Adams didn’t follow the law (the code of Judicial Conduct requires that judges follow the law) and Judge William Adams had a huge undisclosed conflict of interest (also a violation of the judicial code of conduct). The commission was clearly ignoring extreme misconduct. No honest lawyer or judge would say that it is frivolous to believe a child. This was corruption. The bar also involved in this extreme corruption. He also personally heard that Judge William Adams held that it is irrelevant that a child care provider is homicidal, suicidal, psychotic, etc. Again, supporting materials were presented. This woman had attempted suicide at least once and hullucinatory at times. Judge William Adams refused to even look into the situation endangering the child’s welfare. The Judge had refused discovery on the issue based solely on a dishonest representation by Lanette Joubert and the child care provider that the child care provider was perfectly OK. You see Lanette Joubert a close affiliate of the corrupt William Dudley can lie with impunity and the truthfulness of her representations cannot be tested with discovery. This is called corruption. Again, the bar was involved in this corruption. It was not concerned with the fact that Joubert lied but that the mother’s attorney revealed the lie. The consisted theme behind these and other similar situations known personally to Tom Cunningham is that Judge William Adams and the bar were corrupt. They obstructed the truth with fraudulent legal propositions and lies. They concealed the fact that the a child reported “horrific child abuse”” according to the child psychologist who interviewed the child and found him credible. They concealed a reported crime with dishonesty and corruption. Judge Adams was right in the middle of this systemic corruption. No reasonable lawyer or judge would say again that a mother should not believe her child. Mothers are supposed to believe their child (and protect them). This mother did just what she was supposed to. The child’s story checked out in numerous ways. Similarly

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Address: only an insane lawyer or judge would say it is irrelevant that a child care provider is homicidal

Website: he writes an opinion stating that there is consensus among lawyers that Judge William Adams makes reasoned decisions. He knows that is a lie. The Commission flat ignored to even investigate the very serious complaints of this mother of judicial corruption by Judge William Adams particularly outrageously corrupt decisions not founded anywhere in the law. It then through Tom Cunningham represents that there is a consensus that Judge William Adams makes reasoned decisions. It knows that is not true

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