We contracted with Tom Lowin to redo our kitchen after it had been damaged by a water leak. He was recommended to us by his wife, Dene, who was the assistant manager of our condo building working for Castle Management. She assured us Tom was honest, capable, and would finish our job on time. Based on her word, we hired him. He was none of these. We wrote him a check for $7,600. He was to order cabinets from Home Depot that he had showed us and we chose. The cabinets never came. He blamed Home Depot. He finally came to remove our old cabinets because “the new cabinets were in.” We agreed with him on the date of installation which already was a month or so past the scheduled finish of our job. But he didn’t show up on the agreed date. His father “had a heart attack” so he had to go home to New York State to see him. Two weeks later, his brother “was in a terrible traffic accident.” Two weeks later no word from him and Dene tells us. she doesn’t know where he is. She cried and intimated she and he were not doing well. My my wife and I started to investigate, and discovered Tom had never ordered the cabinets from Home Depot Now Dene said she didn’t know what was happening, she hadn’t seen or talked to Tom! and she “isn’t involved in Tom’s business.”. More tears. We went to the police and filed a complaint but they wouldn’t arrest either Tom or Dene They said it was a civil problem and both parties should settle it. We tried but never got further than nasty emails. We hired a lawyer and finally Tom agreed in writing to return our money at $1,500 per month. After two months the payments stopped. Dene first said she was happy he was paying us, but when the payments stopped, she knew nothing again. Shortly there after she was promoted by Castle Management and became manager of another building. We don’t see or talk to her. Tom and Dene own nothing, rent everything, so there is no path to recovering our money We have spoken to the FBI about Tom and Dene. We know they ran a similar scheme in New York State before they moved to Florida. If others in Florida have had similar experiences with Tom, Dene, or Tom and Dene, we could band together and prove to local police that there is a pattern of thievery by them and have them arrested. Please let us know if you have had a similar experience. Tom and Dene need to be stopped so more people like us do not get scammed! .

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