Tommy Price (probably not real name) [email protected]@[email protected] Broke College Student Invested in used Nikon D500 With Lens for $1200 to Start Freelance Photography but Never Received Internet!!. Hi there, I am currently a college student with little money. I am going for a bachelors in biology with a video production minor. For this reason, I was very anxious to get a new camera when I decided I would be going backpacking out west August 16th. This camera was an investment that I thought hard and long about. This was not just for a hobby but also for business to make money while going to school and studying. While out there I planned on making a short film and possibly some freelance photography for a local business. I was very excited to upgrade but looked for the cheapest option with the most legitimacy for a couple months. Finally, I found a Nikon D500 with a Kit Lens 16-80mm for $1500 on cra

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