10/03/19 I called Toms River Transmission. Inquired about trans for my truck. They said they would build it and it would be a about a week to receive. I went to their website as instructed by the person on the phone. Ordered transmission by the only means of payment witch is electronic check. On 10/11/19 I emailed to see how much longer. He replied “Should get next week.”. On 1025 I inquired. He told me that he was waiting for a converter and should be in the next day. On 10/30 he said he would check when he got to the shop. Never happened. On 10/31 I informed him I am going in for surgery and need this before them. Response… OK. 11/4 e-mailed again. told that the trans was not picked up today. maybe tomorrow. e-mailed each day. 11/06 he said he was switching shipping company”s. 11/7 his response was “next week”. 11/12 he responded “Not yet, maybe today”. Started looking into this business on goggle. After reading many, many BBB complaints and Horrible goggle reviews and seeing a pattern in many, it looks as though this man takes advantage of people that he tells that they will have their trans in one week and then lies for several weeks and then they finally cancel their order and have not read deeply into the fine print where it says that he can take 6 weeks to deliver even though he told you 1 week! He can then charge you 25% because you cancelled before 6 weeks. He seems to be making hi money on this scheme. I waited the 6 weeks. Got an e-mail back saying order cancelled and checked would be mailed per refund policy of having check in 2 weeks from cancelation. After 2 weeks I emailed again. Was told he does not control the mail as I have seen in other complaints. I informed him that I was ready to use a lawyer and BBB to get this done. I was told”Not interested in your threats. It was sent.”. I told him to cancel that check and send one Certified. He finally did. From star to finish and have no trans it took 12 weeks to get my money back for no transmission.

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