I contacted the TONGXIANG CHENGXING FUR CO in china to make 2 custom rex rabbit fur blankets. They said absolutely not a problem but they use polyester linings and if i wanted a wool lining please send the fabric to them. I was told by the customer service representative to purcahse 4 yards of each color wool fabric. I sent a totla of 8 yards as instructed which cost $300 for the 8 yards plus $142 in shipping with tracking. When the fabric arrived i receive an email for a different representative saying he would now be working with me and the previous reprsentative had been terminated. I was also told the 8 yards sent was insufficient and they could not use the material to make the linings for the blankets – not enough material. I was then told even though it was their error the representative was no longer in their employ therefore they were not going to make good on error made. so sorry. I was told too bad and the material i sent could have purcahsed cheaply in china with no freight. I was never offered this option and again was told since there was not enough by just one yard 3 additional yards in each color were required to offset the shortage. I offered to purchase the extra fabric because Margaret Xu refused to pay for the descrepancy. The real arguement began when they demanded payment in full before they even began the process of making the blankets. I said I would pay once the blankets were completed and they send me pictures of the finished product. They had hundreds of dollars in wool material I sent as collateral. Margaret Xu refused to make the blankets and refused to pay to return the wool material unless sent to the USA via EMS FREIGHT COLLECT. That means i pay when it arrives and extra charges added for money due. I was not about to put out more good money for bad when the material was no good even at another factory. Basically, I have been cheated out of $400 due to Margaret Xu incompetence. She is rude and ignorant to forgein customers. NEVER AGAIN! I SHOULD HAVE LISTED TO THE FIRST COMPLAINT I SAW ABOUT THE FACTORY. One voice means little but 2 means much more. MARGARET XU = DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS FACTORY! e factortbad m87t dy coollethefanefle uftoets nlerThey

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