This is Toni Trautsch from Bulls Gap, Tennessee. She is a 34 year old convenience store worker with one child she does not have custody of. She met my husband of 12 years while working at the gas station. She goes by her maiden name because of the shadey past that she runs from. Toni Pierson-Boop-Trautsch is her full name, with Boop and Trautsch being married names. || I received a text message from a perfect stranger telling me that my husband was in a relationship with this woman and, come to find out, my husband wasn’t the only man. She has been with 5 different men in six months, is a drunk, and seems to be proud of what she has done, considering she posted it all over her Facebook that she is”no longer with my husband” even though I know that is a lie. She is originally from Apopka, Florida but now lives in Tennessee with family.