It’s no secret that Comcast has questionable billing practices. Everyone gets over charged and users must call in to fix the problem. For example, I have only “unlimited internet” but I was charged around $1,000 in rates for going ‘over my data limit.’ Additionally, they were charging me for HBO for years but I don’t even have cable service with them. | Tonica Freeman was aware of all of this over our recorded phone conversations. She promised to fix everything. She gave me a few months credit for the HBO (not refund of all charges) and was unable to remove the ‘data overage’ for whatever BS reason. | Now, I have paid $1,500 in overages and my new bills are over $400 instead of $90 as promised. She refused to answer my phone calls and emails and when I spoke with another Comcast representative they said that this is typical of her.


  • Name: Tonica Freeman
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: West Palm Beach
  • Address: 3762 BLUE RIDGE RD
  • Phone: 561-815-6032
  • Website: