Complaint: In 2014 I was at a point in my life where I needed help, especially in the area of taking action and feeling depressed. I had major issues doing the simplest of activities, I would procrastinate everything I did! I spoke with Al Melchoire who guaranteed that my issues would get resolved so I signed up for the year program. The first 3 weeks with the first coach did not do it for me. I didnt feel the coach was vibing with me. My 2nd coach was much better, he was an NLP expert and we were clicking. After several months I was still battling with the same issues. I wasnt taking action, I would get motivated then a few days after the phone call my energy would go downhill. The problem was taking action which also reflected in the homework I received from my coach. I knew that this issue MUST get resolved as it has held me back throughout my life so I kept pushing through. About 7-8 months later I called Al and told him I want to cancel because i’m still not able resolve my problem. He gave me a reframe and assured me that I should stick with it so I did since i’m not the type to give up. However, the problem was still there. Both my coach and Al were convinced that i’m attached to my “story”” of not taking action

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Website: unconsciously. The reality of it was that this coaching program did not have the “”know how”” to tackle my issue. I was not happy towards the end of the program

Phone: that itself didnt solve the problem either