Tony Scott or Hannah Albert Hannah Albert , (email address removed by admin) I recieved a text message early in the morning from “Tony Scott” who claimed to be a recruiter for HCR Manorcare Ltd.He said he is contcting me in regaurds to my resume I posted on and if interested reply back.Since I have been looking for a job for the past 6months I replied back.Tony Scott replied back “You are required to sign into yahoo messanger and add the contact Mrs.Hannah Albert the hiring manager”. I added her and began the chat. Hannah Albert gave me a rundown of the comoany HCR Manorcare.She stated they were building a headquaters in my city in 2 months and I could work out of the office then.Until that time I would be working from home.She stated I needed to purchase the software to work from home.Asked if I had a bank to deposit a check they claim to be sending and wanted me to withdraw the cash within 24 hours and send it to an address she will give me.I advised her I think she a scam and she replied with HCR Manorcarre protocol that she seemed to be copying and pasting directly from HCR Manorcare website.She claims to be sending thus check to me but I told her I will NOT send any cash anywhere until it clears.After researching I found this website and am reporting before there are more victims. Florida text msg from 313-724-3621 Internet These people are still trying to contact me and have yet to receive any documents to which they claim to be sending.They also contradicted themselves when Hannah Albert stated I woud be receiving the check the next day and will provide a tracking so I know when it will arrive.As she stated if I were to be receiving a check the very next day then I already know when it is to arrive (the next day!), no tracking needed if its a valid check. 3 days of these ppl trying to chat and STILL have NO DOCUMENTS OR CHECK.

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