Called my other-halfs phone first, looking for me then minutes later my cell phone. But when speaking to my other half told him that I was being sued for fraud. Left message for me. Still have it saved. Some like call this number and list number and person gave name. I called back they wanted my social security number and birthday claimed had it in front of them and needed to confirm it was me. I said no they then said they would take last 4 of social again I said no. I contact police they called number given they claimed they mailed something and was pursuing through vernon county court house. Nothing received in mail been two weeks. Cop asked them what was regards they wouldn’t tell him. as they wouldn’t tell me without my personal info. But yet they told my other half more then the person supposedly involved. also in phone message they said they would come to my work or home on nov 2nd. Which no show and when cop asked them if they stated that, they said no. The person who claimed to call doesn’t even work there. and cop asked them if they asked for social security number, they said no they would never ask that. Still waiting but as of today nothing in mail. Have saved voicemail for proof of call and more info.