Complaint: They called me on congratulating me for my new business and that they had this great offer on a magazine subscription they told me I could cancel within 72 hrs. I believe during that time I was getting such a wonderful deal and I was so happy to be a new business owner. When I called them within the time frame no one was even available to pick up and I was unable to leave any messages. Ive called them and even spoke to them many times on canceling my subscription and they just tell me they can’t. Now that I’ve sold my business they even told too bad that would still keep sending the subscription and billing me even though I’m not there any longer. I’m so glad I cancelled my credit card that I was using because they will keep taking more money out . They have been calling me daily harassing me for a payment and are unwilling to cancel the order. They are crooks and hope we can all put an end to them.

Tags: Computer Mail Order

Address: Internet USA


Phone: (888) 369-7323