Beware of this Marketing Group


My Complaint: TOP Marketing Group located at 33424 Dequindre Rd. Sterling Heights, MI 48310 is a SCAM. I did a interview with them 2 weeks ago and they said it was a office job that don’t consist of Cold calling or Door to Door Sales. I didn’t get a call back the following day, but on 06/16/2015 I received a email from Kevin K. Baylor stating that he have been trying to contact me for the past 2 weeks to come back in for a 2nd interview. I never received any calls or emails, but explained to him that I was still interested. I did research on the company and nothing came up, so I assumed everything was legit. After a few emails, I asked him for a number to reach him at and he finally sent me his (possible) personal number. I called him to ask questions about rather this was door to door sales and he denied that it wasnt. When I went for my first interview, the company staff was wearing TOP Marketing Shirts, but today 06/17/2015 when I went in for my training, the staff was wearing Consumers Energy Shirts. Due to the fact I was Scammed by a company called Synergy in the past, I knew something wasn’t right. I asked a female that was there, “What will will I be doing today and is this was door to door sales,” she replied, “Outside training and you would have to wait to ask Kevin for additional questions.” I said ok. After asking questions they said it was not sales again. Tried to get me to get in the car at which I found out, it was a SCAM and the company is not listed. Its Door to Door Sales


My Demand: Warn Public