Internet fraud, not living up to what was told to me.


My Complaint: Mr. Joe Minetto, of Top Shelf Marketing, called me and said that he knew the people that I had been working with who were coaching me about internet marketing. He told me he could market my business, but needed $6,295.00 to do so. I allowed him to charge this to my credit card, but immediately he wanted to set me up with an LLC, and set me papers to do so. I informed him that I was not ready to do that yet, since I knew nothing about running a business, and was under the impression that he was going to do this for me before we went to that length. This irritated him, and he became frustrated and proceeded to tell me that I knew nothing about dropshipping or the ins and outs of a business. He had told me that he knew Luke, who was my coach at another company who was coaching me on the buying and selling on the internet such as e-bay. When I asked this company if they knew him, they did not. I have talked to several others who states that Mr. Minetto is a scammer. I need my money back, and would appreciate any help I can get. I am in a financial bind and lived on a fixed income..


My Demand: Full Reimbursement