Top Top Renovation LLC Diego was recommended to us and we contacted him in mid-September 2017. | We needed a contractor/handyman to complete a series of home improvement projects in our Florida home. | Improvements would include dry wall/cinder block repairs, window sill tiling, repair wood decking, install/repair plumbing, electrical, etc. | Diego itemized a complete list of our desire improvements and defined the scope of the work. | He said he is able to accomplish all our home improvement goals including plumbing and electrical. | He emailed us a proposal with cost estimates for supplies and labor – very reasonable and we accepted his contract. | All was good and we agreed that he will begin work on the first coming Saturday. | Project 1 – Replace and repair exterior main electrical box breaker and panel (project cost $1500 for labor and materials). | In his contract, Diego said the main box with breakers would run between $500-$600. | We were ok with his estimates. | Diego and his 2 electrician buddies came Saturday morning and completed the project in about 6 hours. | When the power was turned back on, we had electrical issues. | There was a surge which blew out lightbulbs and impacted appliances in all the rooms at the front of the house. | The outlets and surge seemed to be ok in the back of the house where we had recent renovations done about 2 years ago. Diego said the probable root cause was all outlets and switches in the front of the house were old and outdated. | Solution was to change them all out. | Ok fine, lets get this done since our kitchen, washer/dryer, living room and home office was in the front of the house and we can’t turn anything on. | Diego then asked for payment to pay his electrical buddies (in cash) and they will return tomorrow (Sunday) to finish and evaluate the impacted switches and outlets. Sunday morning came – no show. | I texted Diego and he responded at noon to say that he and his electrician will stop by tomorrow (ie. Monday) to figure out the electrical issues. | I immediately texted back to say that we have work on Monday but I will make sure I will be home by 1PM to let him into the house. No response. | Monday arrived. I returned home at 1PM. No show, no communications, nothing from Diego. | I called Diego Monday evening, we chatted and he says that he will be there tomorrow (Tuesday) around 3PM. | Ok fine, Tuesday afternoon it is. | Tuesday came and went. Again no show. And again no communications. | But Tuesday evening at 5:51PM, we get this strange text from Diego. | “Hi. I was there earlier. I checked the input power, there is weakness on some of the outlet because they are old. | I should be there on Saturday morning with my electrician. Will pick up materials for the deck and walls and will talk about prices for outlets and switches.” | Ok, now we are livid! | In addition to his unprofessional lack of communications, Diego had just lied to us in his text. | He never showed and we realized his “song and dance” of repeatedly moving the dates is evident that he doesn’t want to complete the electrical work we had paid him to do. | We fired him and immediately contacted a licensed Electrician to inspect his “finished” work. | Today we see a clearer picture that would explain Diego’s lack of communication and lack of professional integrity. | Clearly Diego was no electrician and he must have realized his 2 “electrician” buddies were completely clueless after installing this mess and at the end of the hot day, gave up and wanted no further responsibility to correct their mess. | These three stooges just wanted to get paid (in full) and leave! | Our hired licensed Electrician was completely dumbfounded at Top Top Renovation’s work – labeling the entired “finished” work a serious Fire Hazard! Our electrician had to dismantle and discard EVERYTHING and start over. | According to our electrician, here is a list of what Edil Ramirez of Top Top Renovation did: | > installed old, rusty, used, defective breakers while charging us for “new” ones | > installed a 220amp breaker to feed into a 60amp wire causing surges that blew up lightbulbs and appliances in our house | > created a bad contact/connection between 2 wrapped wires, the wires were barely connecting causing weakness which explains why several outlets and switches had no or weak power | > had a neutral (white) wire installed into a breaker – served absolutely no purpose | > the entire panel circuitry was not grounded | > panel had no deadfront panel, all wires completely exposed | > panel was too small, no room to add more breakers | The price we paid our electrician was slightly more than what Diego had charged us but it is now done right and within code. Not only did Top Top Renovation LLC completely ripped us off, they created a serious fire hazard jepordizing my home and my family! | Warning to all Florida homeowners! | Beware of Edil Ramirez, he cannot be trusted! | This is his business information: | Cell: 305-417-0776 | Office: 954-548-1436 | Email: [email protected] | I have reported this sham of a company to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).


  • Name: Top Top Renovation LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Hollywood
  • Address: 3520 Jackson St
  • Phone: 305-417-0776
  • Website: