Facebook was and still is promoting an ad from Torchexpro for a laser pointer at www.torchexproc.com (they recently changed from torchexpro.com). The "company" also changed the name of the product from "Tactilax" to "Aluminux". I paid $33.96 over two months ago when it was still called Tactilax and still have not received anything. I have contacted the company several times via the "contact us" page on their website. Each time, I receive a message saying there was a delay in shipping due to various reasons and advise me to click on the "Track" button on the page. When I do so, I get a message that the page or order number cannot be found. I have read several incidents of others who have been ripped off by these crooks. I also notified Facebook several times of this scam, but the ads just keep popping up. These thieves are located somewhere in China where they can escape criminal prosecution, but please at least see if there is anything you can do to stop this, even if it is only to shut their advertising trap down.