Complaint: This furniture company is fraudlently offering deals to sell their products and then refusing to deliver the products to the costomer as promised unless they pay more money. My sales reciept actualy stated “paid in full including delivery and set up”” and then they refuse to complete the delivery unless you pay extra fees. They are rude and use bullying tactics to try and get their more timid victoms to pay. I am not timid and will take the apporpriate steps against this company. The blogs on several websites indicate the pattern of their fruadualnt behavior has been going on for awhile now. They typically have a “”going out of business”” sale which I suspect is also untrue as they seem to be remaining open after scaming their costumers for extra charges. People looking for furniture should be warned to avoid doing business with these people.”

Tags: Sales People

Address: 1460 Concord Avenue Concord, California USA


Phone: (925) 687-5401