We hired him to sand and refinish our old floors. Work was supposed to start on October 12th. He cancelled on October 10th, saying that his mother had passed away. We were understanding and patient. He suggested that he will start on October 14th. | On that day we woke up to an email saying that his work van had been in an accident and he couldn’t come. He promised to start on October 15th. We woke up to another email from him. It said “what will it take to terminate your contract?” We made accommodations to put an elderly person into a nursing home, we all moved out (with 2 small kids) for absolutely no reason, wasting time and lots of money for everything. | Ever since that day, October 15th, we have asked for our deposit ($1771.50) back. He told us that in order to pay us he would have to complete another job and will pay us on November 3. Today is November 5, his phone is off and he has disappeared. | Dylan Ross Coulson/Dylan Coulson/Dillon Coulson scammed us out of our money. His number is 249-877-4127. Stay away from him and his company! If anyone knows where he is or how to reach him, please get in touch!


  • Name: Total Floor Refinishing
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • Address: GEORGIAN DR
  • Phone: 249-877-4127
  • Website: www.totalfloorrefinishing.com/